Finishing Your Doors

Finishing your OpenVu bi-fold doors

Finishing your patio doors before installation

IMPORTANT: Your unfinished oak bifold doors must be finished BEFORE the door set is installed. If you don't, this will invalidate the guarantee. We don't recommend finishing with Danish oil, wax or any finish other than a medium to high build microporous wood finishing system.

We recommend finishing your bi-fold doors with a medium or high build microporous wood coating system. This will be one coat of base stain and two coats of top coat, in a wood or paint colour of your choice or three coats directly applied to the same finish. You should follow the instructions provided by the wood coating system or paint manufacturer.

All surfaces and edges of the doors and frames (even the back) must be coated with these three coats to adequately protect the timber and stop moisture getting in. You must also maintain the finish regularly, to make sure that moisture doesn't penetrate into the timber.

Please note. If you use steel wool or allow steel or iron fragments to come into contact with the untreated oak timber, this may cause oxidisation resulting in a black stain.

OpenVu Deluxe combination aluminium and timber sill

There is no need to remove the timber from the sill for pre-finishing underneath as we have already applied a protective finish. However, the exposed surfaces and edges will need finishing and regular maintenance.

Finish of OpenVu Prime & Select Pre-finished Bi-fold Doors

The Prime and Select door sets go through three coats of pre-finishing, using a high build microporous coating which includes a base coat applied to all surfaces to fully protect your doors. Next special sealers are applied to seal the wood grain at the top and bottom of the door stiles and joints. Finally, two coats of high microporous topcoat are applied to all surfaces of the doors, so they are totally protected.