Our 10-year guarantee - what does it mean?

All the timber structure of our bi-folding doors will be free of manufacturing defects when delivered to your home. No manufacturing defaults will appear during the 10 year period of this guarantee, subject to regular maintenance and cleaning of the doors by you.

The double glazed sealed units are guaranteed for a period of 10 years against breakdown of seals.

Handles, locks, hinges and the folding hardware components are guaranteed for a 10 year period against manufacturing faults subject to regular maintenance and care of use.

For more details of maintenance and care for your doors please read our maintenance page and/or the Homeowners manual provided with your purchase or view from our download section.

What to do if you need to exercise your guarantee rights

If you have any problem whatsoever or need to make a claim against your guarantee, please telephone our Customer Service department on 0800 028 9098 or use our contact form.

For more information on what to do if you have a problem with your Creative door please visit our FAQ.

PLEASE NOTE: If you believe you have a claim for manufacturing defects under the Guarantee Terms and require a site visit from us, there will be an initial charge of £250 before the visit can be arranged. If manufacturing defects are found, this payment will be refunded. However, If upon inspection by the representative,  the Guarantee claim is not caused by a manufacturing defect, but is caused by poor or no maintenance or by poor or incorrect installation, the £250 cost will not be refunded. In every case a full and detailed site visit report will be provided to you with recommendations of what action will be required to solve the problem.